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Get Product Information 

If you don't understand something you on our products, you can ask us for more detailed product information, our sales staff will try to help you until you fully understand our products.Sales manager Jimmy Zhuang Tel:0086 0573-88119933,Email jimmy@huayingwind.com. If this is the first time you access to our products, you can enter our product page for more information.press releases

Product Troubleshooting 

If your wind turbine malfunction, please contact us, we will provide remote technical assistance for the first time, our engineers will help you analyze the cause and resolve these issues. Where necessary, our engineers will go to the site for you. After the problem is resolved, our technicians will improve product performance against the cause of the failure to ensure that the problem will not allow to happen again.  

Product warranty 

All of our wind turbines have implemented two-year warranty,in the warranty period, if you have any of our product quality problems, we will be free for you. More than two years later, we are only charged for the cost of parts and repairs, in our 15-year design life of the product, we will be responsible for the maintenance of our products.