HY-20kW variable pitch turbine case

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Installation of Origin: Beijing Daxing District
Time: 2012
The off-grid power supply system consists of three sets 20KW wind turbine as a power supply equipment, 36 12V200AH battery pack as the middle part of the energy storage device systems, off-grid and off-grid inverter controller completed by the wind and then to 380V DC battery power to AC power conversion function, the system does not require the intervention of electricity network, is pure off-grid systems. This system of wind turbine protection and control part is mainly achieved by the brake controller, and because of their variable pitch fan unique design, the fan in the security, stability outstanding performance, low wind speed case fan start performance, high-speed case fan speed and stability, greatly improving the utilization of wind power

Installation of Origin: Halar
Time: 2012
This is the address of the pilot project in Inner Mongolia Hulunbeier Immigrant new Village, the entire project configuration 110KWP photovoltaic panels, 1 set HY-20kW wind turbine and 1 set HY-30kW wind turbine, 42KW lithium and PCS and so on. Which 30KW wind turbine and photovoltaic panels as 80KWP as distributed power, mainly for the grid and for the Village a line of electricity. 20KW 30KW wind turbine and photovoltaic panels as a micro-grid and new energy sector, mainly for electricity and for the Village a line through the PCS used for lithium battery packs.

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