HY-30kW variable pitch turbine case

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Installation of Origin: Hebei Weichang County Yudaokou
Time: 2011
Yudaokou distributed generation micro-grid energy storage and access control demonstration project is the study of major new energy power generation, energy storage, distributed power / micro-grid system and to / from the network operation, micro-grid system operation and control, and intelligent power distribution, etc. application. Project consists 50KWP PV subsystem, two sets of HY-30kW variable pitch wind turbine, 80KW/128KWH energy storage systems, distributed generation / micro grid access control subsystem components. The project is the State Grid Corporation in 2011 microgrid pilot demonstration projects. Owner is North China Power Grid Co., Ltd. Chengde power company.

Installation: Canada
Time: 2010
HY-30kW variable pitch wind turbine ,Lattice tower, mainly used in the local farm supply, and network systems.

Installation of Origin: Hebei Zhangjiakou City
Time: 2010
HY-30kW variable pitch wind turbine off-grid system for street lighting, electricity, has become a local a unique landscape.

Installation: Korea
Time: 2010
HY-30kW variable pitch wind turbine for household use and power generation systems, wind power and photovoltaic grid-connected inverter directly on the power grid, are distributed power systems.

Installation of Origin: DongFu Islands
Time: 2010
DongFu Islands is located in Zhejiang Province, Zhoushan City, most eastern wind energy resources are very rich. October 2010, investment in the construction of the East China DongFu Islands micro-grid project start up, until May 2011 began trial operation, the project total investment of more than 15 million, with a total installed capacity of 510 kilowatts, building seven stand-alone capacity 30 kilowatts of variable pitch wind turbines, 100 kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation system, a 2000 Ah battery group, and a 200kW diesel generator, is Asia's largest island micro-grid system. Up to now, the system is stable, the island base load electricity provided by the New Energy.

Installation of Origin: Halar
Time: 2012
This is the address of the pilot project in Inner Mongolia Hulunbeier Immigrant new Village, the entire project configuration 110KWP photovoltaic panels, 1 set HY-20kW wind turbine and 1 set HY-30kW wind turbine, 42KW lithium and PCS and so on. Which 30KW wind turbine and photovoltaic panels as 80KWP as distributed power, mainly for the grid and for the Village a line of electricity. 20KW 30KW wind turbine and photovoltaic panels as a micro-grid and new energy sector, mainly for electricity and for the Village a line through the PCS used for lithium battery packs.

Installation: Liangshui River Beijing
Time: 2010
The installation location in a park, 6 sets of HY-30kW wind turbine as off-grid power supply system, in the evening to park street and other electric equipment for lighting.

Installation of Origin: United States - Ohio-James client-30kW with 30M Lattice tower 

Installation of Origin: United States - Wisconsin-Cris customer-30kW with 30M Lattice tower  

Installation of Origin: United States - Ohio Dustin Client  

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