• Wind & Solar hybrid system

    Wind & Solar hybrid street lamp used in Ireland farm

  • HY-30kW variable pitch turbine case

    HY-30kW variable pitch wind turbine on-grid system for street lighting, electricity, has become a local a unique landscape

  • HY-20kW variable pitch turbine case

    This is the address of the pilot project in Inner Mongolia Hulunbeier Immigrant new Village, the entire project configuration 110KWP photovoltaic panels, 1 set HY-20kW wind turbine and 1 set HY-30kW wind turbine

  • HY-10kW variable pitch turbine case

    10KW variable pitch wind turbine off-grid power supply for local communication base on the island provides an objective power.

  • HY-5kW variable pitch turbine case

    9 sets 5KW variable pitch wind turbine and grid power supply, the system has not run any failure, and to provide a more objective local green new energy, local government authorities are very satisfied

  • HY-2kW variable pitch turbine case

    Supporting a 2kW sun 2kW wind turbine grid inverter controller, photo installation is complete,the company technical staffand customer photo.So farthe normal fanand power generation, continuing toprovide local farm green clean energy.