Solar Power Supply System

20kw distributed power generation system

20kW distributed power generation system with series single-phase AC 220V inverter output mode, the low-voltage side grid-connection, incorporated into the user of low voltage power distribution cabinet, local power, local access.

Application places:

Small distributed power generation system application area:in countries, pastoral areas, mountainous areas, small city or commercial building roof, solve the electric demand.

System overview:

Small distributed power system, also known as string type power and distributed power supply, is refers to the user site or near the photovoltaic power system electric field configuration of smaller, to meet specific user needs, economic operation supports the existing distribution network. Small distributed generation system equipment includes components of photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic array support, grid connected inverter, AC power distribution cabinet and other equipment, and also the configuration monitoring system according to the customer requestion, the power output of solar cell module array of photovoltaic power generation system monitoring in real time. Its mode of operation is in the solar radiation conditions, the solar cell array of photovoltaic power generation system of converting solar energy output power, grid connected inverter AC power supply through the city to the user's load, excess or shortage of power to regulate connected through a grid net.

Advantages of distributed power generation system:

★The distributed generation system is relatively independent, running a full automatic mode, and very high safety reliability;

★The distributed power generation can make up for the shortage of power grid security and stability, to continue to supply outside the disaster;

★User can monitor the power quality and performance, is suitable for rural, pastoral area, mountainous area, development in the small city, or commercial district resident power supply, which can greatly reduce the environmental pressure;

★ The distributed generation system has very low transmission and distribution losses, no need of power distribution station, can avoid losing additional distribution costs, and construction and installation costs are low;

The 20kw distributed power generation configuration parameter

Total installed capacity20kw 
Solar moduleBSEP6-60-25080(20KWp)
Solar module bracket-1set
PV on-grid inverterGCI-20K1set
Connection cable-1set